Visit Monument Valley Near St George

Did you know that Monument Valley is just a short drive from St George? And that visiting Monument Valley is an absolute must! Upon arrival you’ll find yourself in what you would think is the wild west, as you’ve no doubt seen movie after movie highlighting this place.

Monument Valley

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Staudt on flickr

It really is a great place to visit when you’re coming to St George and southern Utah. You’ll get to see high monoliths of rock and sand out in the middle of nowhere. You’ll quickly find yourself wishing you were up on top of one right now taking pictures of the valley below.

The best way to get there from St George is through Page and around the bottom of Lake Powell. You’ll continue east for awhile into Arizona, then the main road will bank up north again and you’ll run right into it.

It’s definitely worth the drive to go and see it. You’ll want to stop by some of the historical sites so that you can learn about the ancient Navajo tribe that inhabited this place. You’ll find yourself wondering how on earth they could have survived here during the summer because it gets so hot, but they did.

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