Sand Hollow Reservoir Near St George

Are you looking for something to do on your visit to St George? Something to entertain the kids or yourself possibly? Then look no further than Sand Hollow Reservoir. It offers so much to so many people.

Sand Hollow Resevoir

Photo Credit: Dylan Duvergé
It’s a popular spot for those looking to go water skiing, or wakeboarding. You’ll get to see some amazing athletes on wakeboards at Sand Hollow.

If you’re after cliff jumping then the rocks you can jump off in Sand Hollow State park are some of the best. Do be careful though as the water level can vary from different times in the season, and you can get hurt very badly if you don’t know where you’re jumping or what you’re jumping into.

And for the fisherman in you, they do a great job of stocking and maintaining the fish at Sand Hollow. You’ll usually find the fishing boats on the more eastern shores of the lake.

Last but not least there is some fantastic sand dune ATV riding right next to the reservoir that brings people from all across the state and elsewhere. The views offered from the top of the sand dunes overlooking the reservoir and Pine Valley mountains is hard to explain, but simply a joy to see.

So if you’re looking for a great place to visit on your stay here in St George then Sand Hollow must be on the top of your list. Even if you just want to go for a little pick-nick or BBQ, it’s a very pretty place to do it at.

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