Red Cliffs Desert Springs Preserve Hike

Looking for something else to add to your things to do in St George list? Add Red Cliffs Desert Springs to it! As you’ll see from this hike it’s a really easy hike with plenty of rewards.


I’ve spent a lot of time hiking and playing around in Red Cliffs, I’ve even camped there a number of times. The hike up the creek is beautiful and when the canyon begins to close in on you it gets even more so.


I especially like the area where you have to climb over the sandstone wall through the carved footholds. This is also where if you’re brave you can go swimming and jumping in the water. In fact this is a hot spot for those wanting to skip a little class just to take a break…not that I ever skipped class to do it :).


After the waterfall parts you can go up on top and be greeted with additional views down the canyon that will make this hike such a great experience for you.


Just so you’re aware on weekends and holidays this place can become quite the mad house and you may find yourself waiting in line to get in as there are just a handful of parking spots available for people. Which means the camping spots are limited as well. But if you get in you’ll be super happy you did.


Even if you don’t hike up the creek there are red rocks and hills all around the camping area that are fun for families to go play around on. And the creek that runs right through the middle of the campgrounds offers plenty of chances for little kids to try to catch frogs and crawdads. All in all Red Cliffs is one of my favorite spots in all of St George, and is one of the best things to do in St George that I know of. So if you are looking for something, adding this to your list is certainly going to be a winner as there is so much to do for so many different types of people.

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