Mountain Biking Navajo Lake

There’s a lesser known mountain biking trail in southern Utah called the Navajo Lake Loop, that goes around Navajo Lake that’s up near Duck Creek Utah. Although it’s popularity is beginning to change as more and more people are finding out about how great it really is.


navajo lake loop


The trail begins (or at least where I get on it at, there are several ways to get on it, but rest assured this is the best way) on the western end of the lake. In fact you’ll go past the end of the lake until you see a sign that says Navajo Lake Loop and then you’ll follow the signs. At the trail head there is a bathroom so you’ll know when you’ve found it.


As you start the trail it will be quite easy with a few ups and downs, but as it progresses you’ll start to gain some elevation, but it’s never terribly difficult. The hardest part is trying not to wreck as you’re looking at the great views afforded you on the trail.

southern utah mountain biking


You’ll reach the summit of sorts about there the dike is in the middle of the lake, which really gives you a stupendous view looking through the pines of Navajo Lake.


Past the summit you’ll begin the decent down to the eastern side of the mountain bike trail at Navajo Lake, where you’ll get to one of my favorite spots along the trail, the lava rock traverse (I just called it that, that isn’t the official name by any means). They’ve made the trail wind through some lava beds and it’s just fun and unique to ride through it. You’re also offered again a great view of the lake looking west.


After passing through the lava bed part of the Navajo Lake mountain bike trail, you’ll cross the road and get into the tree lines up in the pines as you make your way back west where your car is. This part of the trail offers a completely different feeling than the other side, as you’ll go from Aspen trees and open space, to tall pines that are very thick. It’s just a great break from the norm as you ride.


navajo lake mountain bike trail


You’ll continue riding along and where you again meet up with the dike you’ll find yourself having to watch where you’re going because you’ll actually want to be watching the scenery. All in all there’s terrific mountain biking available all over southern Utah, and Navajo Lake is one of the best.

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