Kanarraville Canyon Near St George

There’s a little known canyon just down the road from St George called Kanarraville Canyon, that is one of the most stunning small canyons around. This image of the ladder is very iconic of it as well. Right after you climb up this wooden ladder you’re greeted with additional waterfalls (although not quite as large as this one).

But the real attraction is the rock water-slides just a little further up the canyon. You’ll know when you get there because more than likely you won’t be the only ones there.

These slides are very fun because even little kids can do it and it’s very thrilling for them. Parents can stand at the bottom and beckon the little ones down into the safety of their arms. You’ll find others laying out near these waterfalls soaking in the sun.

Kanarraville Falls is just a fun place to visit and see. You’ll find a parking lot for it up against the mountain (you do have to pay to access it). From their you’ll head into the mountain side along a dirt road. After awhile you’ll reach the creek and begin heading into the canyon part of the hike. At times the canyon closes in and forms a slot canyon that really is beautiful to see.

If you have some free time when you’re visiting or staying in southern Utah, Kanarraville Falls is a great place to stop and go see. But come ready to get wet because you will, and that’s half the fun of it.

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