Hike Near Gunlock at Lower Sand Cove

Are you looking for a lesser known hike near St George? There’s a little reservoir called Lower Sand Cove that sits just above the town of Gunlock Utah. It’s about 10 – 15 minutes away from Gunlock reservoir. The reservoir itself is a great place to go camping at as you’ll be able to do a little fishing or canoeing and maybe even a little swimming if you’re braver than most.


To get to the hike you’ll have to drive a little bit past Lower Sand Cove and you’ll see a dirt road turn off to a little parking lot. From there head down until you find the trail-head and then you’ll be on your way.

Once you’re on the trail you’ll begin climbing up through red rocks that at times look like flattened pancakes. If you’re there after a rain storm you’ll be greeted with rock pools of water that offer great places to take a drink, just kidding, they do however make a great place to take some photos.


As you continue to climb you’ll get up on the bench and you may lose the trail, but as you’re looking up just know the trail continues to the south east, you’ll basically go up and around to get on top.

Once on the very top you have great views of the valley and you’ll also be able to see the Cowboy Pools (if there’s enough water).

It’s a leisurely hike that is fun to take kids and animals on. It gets a little steep but it’s quite easy.

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