City Creek Mountain Bike Trail in St George

Looking for an exciting mountain bike trail to ride in St George Utah? Then the city creek trail is one you should look into. If you’re wondering where it is, next time you are in downtown St George and you look up the the red Dixie Rock, look to the left at the red hill next to it (west), that’s the city creek mountain bike trail.

There are several ways to access it, but I’ll tell you how I did. If you’re heading up Red Hills Parkway go past Pioneer Parks two parking lots, and then as soon as you come around the bend on top you’ll find a parking lot on your right. The trails access point is right across the street from this parking lot.

city creek trail
(this is a picture on the pioneer trail, looking over towards the city creek trail)

Once you’re on the trail you’ll soon get to the top of the mountain and be greeted with your first decision, do I go left or do I go right? I went right and quickly began the beautiful decent down the trail. The setting really is stunning as you’re riding down, but there are some treacherous spots so be careful on your decent. You’ll then hit some switchbacks before it kicks you all the way east right up next the road. Then you’ll climb back up on top and continue west.

This stage of the trail offers a completely different view, mainly of the green golf course framed by the red rocks; it also gets a little cooler there and makes for a fun trip. You’ll follow along the bench riding up the red slick rock until again you crest the hill and are kicked down to a tunnel that goes under the road. This is where my trip ended, but the trail continues on heading up towards Snow Canyon if you’re still feeling up to it.

There is a lot of great mountain biking here is southern Utah, especially in St George. The City Creek mountain bike trail is just one of many that are available for you to try.

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