Cedar Breaks National Monument in Winter

I was able to get up to Cedar Breaks National Monument a few days ago and snap this image. Many people aren’t really familiar with this national monument (not to be confused with a national park). But as you can see there is so much to offer from this incredible monument.

cedar breaks

This image was taken right from the look out point where the pay station is when you first get into Cedar Breaks. They’ve created a large viewing area here that allows a lot of visitors at once to take in the views of this magnificent amphitheater, that goes for miles.


When you visit here you’ll think you’re seeing Bryce Canyons little sibling as it looks very similar, although it doesn’t have the towering hoodoos like Bryce does, but it does have splendid views just like her older sibling Bryce.


They do a great job of having summer activities for those who come to the park. Including star gazing parties, and a fantastic wildflower festival in July that is one of the best in the whole country. Truly there is a lot to see and do at Cedar Breaks, so if you’re traveling to St George and looking for something to do, look to add Cedar Breaks to your list.

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