Stunning Scenery in Lake Powell


Here’s some simply beautiful scenery of Lake Powell. This video shows you the view from a boat as you’re riding up the canyon, then it shows you what you’ll find if you venture up one of the slot canyons.



Driving Through Snow Canyon State Park


I highlight Snow Canyon State Park a lot, because I love it, and it’s truly one of the lesser known gems of St George. This video of some people driving through and stopping off to do some hiking really paints a picture of it, and what you’ll find if you visit it.



Mountain Biking in Grafton Near Zion


There are some incredible mountain bike trails and areas here in the St George area, we try to highlight them often actually. But Grafton is one that I’ve never done before and after watching this video I’m not certain I’m up to it yet.


Diamondback Bicycles DF5 Team Utah Trip from Diamondback Bicycles on Vimeo.


It’s cool to see someone like Diamondback Bicycles come here to film a video of our trails, that’s when you know the biking trails near St George are pretty good.


Great View of Snow Canyon State Park


I just can’t get enough of Snow Canyon State Park in southern Utah. It truly is one of the best state parks I’m aware of. It has some great picnic and camping areas, but it has some fabulous hiking trails as well. If you’re looking for lodging in St George, and need something to do then Snow Canyon State Park is your place.


Snow Canyon State Park, UT

Photo Credit: bumeister1


The Maze Jeep Trail in St George Utah


St George isn’t well known for having jeep trails, but if you watch this video of the Maze Jeep trail you’ll quickly come to realize that there really is some great jeeping available in St George.



I never understood the great draw to jeeping, until I went once with some friends and realized exactly why people like it so much. It’s pretty dang fun taking on seemingly impossible climbs and triumphing.


So if you’re looking for places to go jeeping in St George check out this video and track down the maze jeep trail.


Tuacahn is Now Open

Tuacahn is one of the gems of southern Utah and St George. It offers just an incredible experience for everyone involved. As you’ll see from this video the plays and shows they put on are top notch and we’re so grateful for it’s existence here in St George.



The shows they’re offering this year are The Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. All of which are just phenomenal shows that will both entertain and delight.


Here’s a link to their website if you’re looking for additional information about which shows are playing when and to get tickets:


Beautiful Timelapse Video of Southwest Utah

A great timelapse video of some of the best places in southwest Utah. It shows a snow covered Bryce Canyon, and an immense Zion Canyon with it’s sheer walls. Just a great video with some fantastic cinematography.


Southwest Timelapse 720p from Eric Billman on Vimeo.

Great Video of St George Utah Attractions


If you’re looking for things to do in St George, hopefully this video will give you just a taste of what’s in store for you when you travel to St George.



We pride ourselves on the outdoor activities we have here in St George, from the golfing to the mountain biking to the boating, fishing and hiking. That’s why a video like this is fantastic, because it shows those who’ve never been what is possible on a trip to southern Utah and St George.


An Incredible Lake Powell Sky

When I came across this image I couldn’t help but share it. Mainly because I love Lake Powell so much, but also because this image is simply awesome. So many people who come to St George are looking for things to do outdoors, well Lake Powell isn’t terribly far away, and is a paradise on earth.


Mountain Biking Video of Suicidal Tendencies Trail Near St George

Have an itch to go mountain biking in St George? If so then this video will only amplify them. You can find this trail near Santa Clara Utah and as you can see will take you up to see some great vista’s and views of the western side of Washington county.

There are multiple trails that begin from the same trail head as Suicidal, particularly Barrel Roll. In fact I believe you have to ride up a different trail until you can even reach Suicidal.

The trail itself is both challenging and rewarding. The mesa’s you’ll be riding along are fun to see and traverse. So if you’re looking for something to do in St George then check out Suicidal Tendencies mountain bike trail.