Bryce Canyon

When you are looking for something to do on your visit to St George and southern Utah, then you might want to add a trip to Bryce Canyon to your list. It’s a few hours away from St George, but it’s definitely worth the trip as you’ll be greeted with views like this of the red hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.

There are numerous lookouts for you to stop and take pictures off. The most popular are sunrise and sunset points, but there are over 10 of them there for you to see the canyon from.

For those looking to get a little more rugged, there are several very popular and very beautiful hikes to do that will either take you along the canyon rim, or take you down into the heart of Bryce Canyon. The Navajo Loop is one of the more popular hikes and that’s the one that takes you down to the bottom of the canyon. It’s a fantastic hike that is very fun to do, although it can be difficult at times on the ascent back up to the top. But it is well worth it that is for certain.

There are two main campgrounds available for both tents and RV’s alike. It’s pretty fun to camp among those towering ponderosa pines, so near the edge of Bryce’s rim. They do fill up fast in the summer so make certain you come early if you can.

Outside of the park there is everything from ATV riding to fishing and boating. You really can’t go wrong visiting Bryce Canyon National Park and it’s surrounding towns.

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